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Goji Berry Update — Veggie Gardening Tips

Goji Berry Update — Veggie Gardening Tips

Date: 2017-06-28 11:25

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I had 7 dogs at one time and observed many brown spots on my lawn, obviously you are ill informed about maybe never had pets. We have garden hotline radio programs as well as county sorporate extention for each county to consult on gardening issues Never ever in my life did I hear them advising on using urine as a fertilizer, or any animal waste unless it it dehydrated cow are plenty of wonderful products on the market have you ever heard of Messenger? Urine and any excretions belong in a toilet bowl not ourdoors where they get carried into the underground waters and eventually into the drinking water!!!!!

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The lesson that I learned the hard way is that if your goji plants are growing in rabbit, deer, or groundhog territory it’s a good idea to provide the appropriate protection to your seedlings.

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I would like to correct some misinformation regarding urine and gardens that Polninnia was spreading about earlier in the thread. While it is true a plant could be harmed by too much urine, this is for the same reason it could be harmed by too much commercial fertilizer. Polninnia, there have been scientific studies showing that a combination of human urine and wood ashes supply everything most vegetable gardens would need. One study showed this combination out-performing commercial fertilizers. In the studies, urine was diluted with water to give wider coverage and prevent burning. I would advise you to read the following before leaving another trail of misinformed opinions:

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I live in Indiana and have a 8 yr. old goji. Last year it had a few blooms but bloomed too late (it seemed) for the berry to develop fully. This year, it is covered with blooms and the berries are developing but are so tiny that I am concerned that they will not reach maturity. It 8767 s the first of Sept. will frost stop their development? Should I try to build a plastic 8775 tent 8776 over it? I feel like a mother hen, I know so little about these plants and information is not easy to come by. I have learned a lot reading these comments. Thanks.

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We 8767 re almost into spring, a couple weeks to go, and looks like most maybe all of my goji 8767 s made it thru a very cold (for us) winter. Not as much rain as we usually get in winter but they did stay pretty soaked for long periods and survived. Just starting to see some new leaves sprouting out from the mostly bare stems. A couple of the biggest ones are close to a meter high so getting hopeful of seeing some berries this year.
I 8767 ve also had leaves with lots of small holes like Ray above. Not sure what is going on snails (do my best to protect them), insects, or disease but they otherwise look healthy. Interesting plants.

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Dear Jason, The beauty, and value of our Lyceum barbarum, is that both are being grown from a 8775 known cultivar 8776 .

Thank for your fast response.
We live in zone 8b, that is supposed to be warm enough? We had an exceptional dry summer here, that means less rain than usual. All plants are in full have two or three berries in full ground.
Self pollinating, ok, but in one or another way the pollen must move ?
Do you have experiences or knowledges about reasons of non pollination, others than the climate?
Can I send pics ?

I live in NJ and have a tough time locating asian stores in the area the one near me does not have goji berry plants , only dried berries.
Need help!. -)

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