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Feedback on Hammer of Thor from various forums. Does it

Feedback on Hammer of Thor from various forums. Does it

Date: 2017-06-18 23:25

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Fahey: Or an 85s boys cartoon, from back in the days when cartoons were aimed strictly at either boys or girls. Oooh no, I got it, it was like peeking inside my Trapper Keeper from middle school, with the drawings of superheroes and the name of the band I wanted to form in all sorts of fancy fonts.

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Gita: I couldn’t tell if it was bad green screening or what, but it was definitely noticeable. Waititi has never done a movie this big before, so there were a couple technical snags.

caligurl7, please get a life. Yes, a lot of actors have British ancestry, as they do German, Jewish, and Italian. It 8767 s not a big deal. Your obsession with Brits is beyond creepy.

I was 7557 in Uk ( England , Wales, Ireland , Scottland )
i spent 8 Month there so i know about the British People. A lot of British Mens are more handsome than their women , british girls are not so attraktive.
Germany has more beautiful Girls / Women than Guys.

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Since when? The general consensus everywhere around the world is that the British are ugly. British themselves often don 8767 t want to be British and lie about being something more exotic. Most of Britain 8767 s celebs aren 8767 t even all English. These days the British are as mixed up as Americans are.

Gita: Helpfully, we get a quick recap of that movie in the beginning of Ragnarok. What a delightful movie. I really enjoyed it.

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