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Goji Berry Update — Veggie Gardening Tips

Goji Berry Update — Veggie Gardening Tips

Date: 2017-06-18 11:25

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Thanks Ruth, sorry but it is kind of a secret. We are designing the system around the concept and going to make smaller versions of it. Assuming all the tests go well we will be obviously trying to sell it. I 8767 m sure it will take awhile for all the testing to be done. Anyway, I 8767 m not sure what cultivar my goji 8767 s are because I got all the seeds from dried goji 8767 s. From what I understand, most of the dried goji 8767 s over here are the Da Ma Ye, or something like that. I 8767 m thinking about buying some seeds so I know exactly what I 8767 m getting but for now with all the tests I 8767 m doing I assume most of what I have will die. I guess I 8767 m pushing them to the limits you could say. But yes, I would love to eventually get some certified seeds.

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Hi from down under, I live near Perth, Western Australia. We have a mediterrean climate, 86 inches of rain in winter and around 5c to a hot dry summer at up to 95c. Very hungry dry silica sand which is water repellent. We do still have kangaroos and Bandicoots living near us, but like the rest of the world have a bad rabbit problem.
We are in our spring planting time and our local nursery talked me into buying a Goji berry (Lycuim barbarum). I googled and found your site. It has been a great site for information which i Thank you all for. My loan Goji has trebled its size in eight weeks, standing about three feet tall with many branches, I made sure of placing a rabbit barrier around it, temperatures are around 85c at this point.
Keep up the good work. Les

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Too much water will kill the Goji plant, regardless of age. It has been my experience that the Goji will tell you when it 8767 s thirsty. When the leaves begin to wilt, give the plant a little drink of water (very little). Like people, the Goji fruit will only become what you feed it (we are what we eat). Feed (fertilize) your Goji 8767 s with a good organic mixture of nutrient, and mineral rich humas, in well draining soil, protect them from the critters, and live happily ever after.:o)

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Thanks for the info Shaunna. I put my Goji plant (maybe 8 inches tall) under a grow light to try and boost it a little. I have it in my greenhouse in Houston, TX which stays about 95 degrees during the day and drops to 85 at night. It still has not shown much growth in a month.
I feel like I have read that the plants may not handle the sun as well which makes sense. But I am wondering if I move out into the yard where it will get natural sun if it will do better. I am just afraid it might be too much since in the sun it will be at least 655 degrees.
I have been dosing it with a liquid root booster as long as it is a little plant. I may try a light dose of balanced fertilizer to see if I can boost growth.

Just an idea for using the berries. Last year I made jalapeño goji jelly for use on just about any meat or with crackers and cream cheese.

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Thanks Jason. We 8767 re in the southwest corner of Australia. The particular area here is very drains fast water goes straight thru. Not an issue with this location. But we do get rain for days on end in the get 9-5 days in succession than a couple days to dry out then another bout of rain. Don 8767 t have much choice have to plant these guys they survive I 8767 ll be happy It would double my 8766 future 8767 goji production.

I have five large goji bushes. Last year they didn 8767 t blossom until late July and the berries were tiny, I probably only harvested a cup full. They were tasty and sweet.
My question is do I have the wrong type of Goji berry or haven 8767 t I pruned them enough.
There are probably 65 8797 tall and are in big pots and have many stems. This year I am using kelp fertilizer.
Is there anything else I can try.

Rich, What wonderful memories you have of your mother. I 8767 m wondering how she did the potatoes in the barrel, I 8767 d like to try that! Has anyone had any experience with Neem-Away? I use that ocassionally when I get desperate. It is an oil from the Neem tree and is supposed to be non-toxic and will not harm beneficial insects. I haven 8767 t had to use anything on my Goji as it has not been bothered by anything yet. Ruth

I born and grow up in Ningxia where is my hometown, but must say the truth not only Ningxia but also other province in China grow goji berry, including Tibeten Area.
I have garden both in Ningxia and Bibeten Area, maybe could give you advise on goji growing.

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