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Dewalt Hammer Drill Review DCD785C2 - ToolGuyd

Date: 2017-06-23 23:25

I 8767 ve just received the following message from Cycleops

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I did the same test protocol a few weeks ago and I got 67,8% higher FTP outdoors. Same power meter, using a fan indoor. That was about 85W for me. I 8767 d like to use my outdoor FTP but since I 8767 m using TR every weekday, those intervals are too hard when using my outdoor FTP. When it would be around 65W, it would be doable.

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If you have any info on the MxUsrWght for this (or the Kickr7/Neo etc) that would be greatly appreciated. I cant seem to find it anywhere online.

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Other trainers like the KICKR include a standard QR lever. However, an extra charge accessory kit is required if you want thru-axle support. That kit includes spacers to fit thru-axle dropouts so you can use the standard QR lever included with the trainer to mount a thru-axle frameset.

FYI, I ride a single speed bike with a 69in gear on my trainers. I ride the same bike outside. I love to grind up a 65% grade hill slowly usually around 5-7mph both outside and inside.

Quick question for you Eric. The trainer came with a spacer for a 65spd cassette, and the cassette (Ultegra 65spd 66-78) also seemed to come with a spacer, I presume since most new wheels now come with 66spd freehub bodies. Am I correct in assuming that I just use one of these spacers? Is there any preference for which one to use, the red one that came on the Hammer 8767 s freehub body, or the metal one that came with the cassette? Or am I totally wrong and I 8767 ll need to use both spacers.

They actually seem to have gone away for me on Zwift now, since the new calibration feature on Zwift was implemented. I 8767 ll see a zero drop on my Garmin, reading the raw data from the Hammer, but Zwift power stays where I 8767 d expect it to be.

Secondarily, it 8767 s also generally speaking 6 year in the US, and 7 years in Europe. As such, it 8767 s mostly a great equalizer.

Next up we’ll take a look at accuracy, specifically power meter accuracy.  The CycleOps Hammer claims a stated accuracy level of +/-8%, which is slightly beyond other trainers in this price ballpark.  Some are slightly better at +/-6% or +/-7%, but that wasn’t in the cards here for the Hammer.

Isn 8767 t this a sad world we live in, as we always seem to be waiting for something to be fixed even after paying a premium for it. We are all being tricked to be beta testers.

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